EZE Brackets installation requires NO WELDING and customers save a lot of their valuable time. You don’t need to lug a welding machine and generator around the paddock to build your cattle rail fence, just a cordless drill and a pocket full of screws.

The brackets are strong and made of high-quality galvanised steel. What is special about the Eze bracket is its shape and the way they fit neatly against a flat or curved surface. They sit nice and neat against any post.


1. Eliminate Site Welding.
2. Neat galvanised finish.
3. Fits perfectly against all-size Pipe Posts.
4. Fits neatly against Square Posts.
5. Can be bolted or Coach Screwed onto wooden posts round or square.
6. Can be used for wooden rails.
7. Cost effective.
8. Quick to install.
9. Rails follow the lay of the land.
10. The fence can take any direction using a round Post.

We stock two sizes of EZE Bracket – 43mm and 50mm.

The 43mm suit 115 x 42 mm Cattle Rail and the 50mm can be used for RHS or Timber.

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Rivertree Eze-Bracket