Here is something totally new and interesting. These goggles do not have any normal lens.

EYES ‘lenses’ are made from very finely perforated stainless steel.
Looking from the inside, SAFE EYES ‘lenses’ look ‘industrial’, as they
should. But the fine mesh-like perforations are so small they resist all
particle matter, even dust will not penetrate. This can all be of great
benefit for the industrial user: the ‘lens’ is stronger and safer than
glass or plastic.

It can never fog up from body heat.

SAFE EYES comes in two models:

  • Original – larger size glasses giving wide eye protection;and
  • Fit-Overs – smaller size with deeper flanges which will fit over most common glass frames.

each model is available in two perforation sizes – 0.4mm and 0.7mm
holes, to be used as appropriate for the job. For ease of
identification, each of the four types use a colour-coded buckle.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

NB: Recommended for use when using hoof cutting discs.

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