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Is beef safe to eat if the cattle have been treated with antibiotics?

Yes, beef produced from cattle treated with antibiotics is safe to eat. Cattle are treated according to label requirements set by the various authorities. Each treated animal and treatment is individually identified and monitored and isn’t allowed to move from the feedyard until it is healthy and is past the withdrawal period prescribed.

Yes, ionophores are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration and are not allowed to be used unless FDA considers them safe. To be approved for use in food animals as a feed ingredient, ionophores must undergo stringent testing and through a rigorous approval process with FDA. Producers using ionophores are monitored by FDA for correct handling and use.

What are ionophores?

Ionophores are feed ingredients that specifically enhance the important organisms within the stomach of the animal. Feeding ionophores prevents diseases in the animal and decreases methane production (greenhouse gas).