The NEW Slim NLIS Tag Cattle Breeder from DATAMARS:

  • The New Agri-ID Slim tag design allows aeration around the back of the tag for rapid wound healing
  • Fast and easy application
  • Proven retention, readability and reliability
  • Available in white (Breeder) and orange (Post Breeder)
  • Fast and easy application with the Agri-ID by Datamars universal applicator
  • Available in all states with the exception of Victoria.

This Breeder tag comes in white.

  • Both the male and the female tags must be white
  • Use NLIS breeder tags for livestock you have bred and that are still on your property
  • Both tags (male and female) should be printed with the NLIS logo. The male portion of the tag should clearly state “Do not remove”

Find out more about NLIS Application in our Knowledge Base.

As per the South Australia Government regulations all SA livestock owners must pay $1.50 per NLIS tag to the Cattle Industry Fund (CIF Levy). Please ensure you select “Needed” (South Australia ONLY) drop-down on our website.