The Lucisco Solar LED “Motion Sensor” All Around¬†Universal Light¬†is at the forefront of cutting edge LED lighting technology. 800 Maximum Lumens.


  • All-in-one fully integrated design. The perfect combination of aluminum alloy construction, solar energy, LED performance, timer, motion & light sensor technology all-in-one unit.
  • Easy installation with no cables or mains power required. The fully integrated design ensures ease of installation with no need to run electric cabling. The LED All-round Universal Light can be installed on most vertical surfaces including timber, metal sheeting, brick, concrete and posts from 70 to 110mm diameter in an outdoor location that has direct sunlight. The unit is weather, rust and dust resistant whilst also being low maintenance.
  • Battery. The battery type is a quality LiFePO4 achieving optimal performance and longevity.
  • Energy saving. The integration of the infrared motion and low light sensors enable greater power savings, enhanced performance and operating longevity.


  • The light can be mounted on a pole or vertical surface. For optimal performance the solar panel should face in a northerly direction to capture optimum sunlight to fully recharge the battery.