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The majority of our products at FarmShop Australia have specialist shipping requirements. We need to provide bespoke quotations for products from Chinchilla Tank Centre, Clark Tanks, International Animal Health Products, Starkbilt Engineering & Hardware and multiple Shoof International products. These products will follow our quoting process to make sure you receive your goods and services safely, in a format which is suitable for your context and at a reasonable price.

Our quoting process enables us to deliver high quality shipping at reasonable cost:

  1. Purchaser browses website and adds products to cart, select payment option (EFT or Credit Card) and makes payment.
  2. For the products that don’t require a specific shipping quote, they will be processed and shipped automatically.
  3. Where products require a specific shipping quote, FarmShop Australia will respond to the purchaser by email with a shipping quote within 48 hours.
  4. Once the purchaser has accepted the shipping quote a new customer invoice will be created and an email sent with a link for payment. (Purchasers can also log into their FarmShop Australia account to see the payment link).


Brand Specific Shipping Details


Shoof International Product Shipping

For orders under $50 the Shipping & Handling fee is $20.00 ex GST applied.
For orders $50 and over the minimum Shipping & Handling fee is $25.00 ex GST applied

Some products are required to have shipping quoted.


International Animal Health Products Shipping

Shipping must be Quoted and will be calculated to the Nearest Depot.
A Handling charge of $50.00 ex GST applies to all orders under $500.
Orders over $500.00 have no handling charge.


Starkbilt Engineering & Hardware Product Shipping

Shipping must be Quoted.
Shipping less than 400km is Free.


Clark Tanks Product Shipping

Shipping must be Quoted.
Shipping less than 400km is Free.
Shipping more than 400km is $4.50/km (up to 4 tanks).


Chinchilla Tank Centre Product Shipping

Shipping must be Quoted and is calculated to the nearest depot.
Shipping of Orders up to 22.5MT is $4.50/km
Shipping of Orders from 22.5MT to 40MT is $6.50/km

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